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Energy Saving Reports

The Quattro Panel has been included in Government Programmes for the Social Housing Market and is one of the first technologies to be included under the Salix Technology list of products that attract funding for our institutional Clients.

  • The Panels are an ideal resource as a low cost measure in helping to reduce energy bills and improve thermal comfort levels.
  • The Quattro Panel has been included in various government programmes whether it is for Social Housing or funded by Salix to our government sector clients.
  • The Ofgem report demonstrates savings of 170 kWh/m2 on external walls and 123 kWh/m2 on internal walls.
  • Formal Testing by BSRIA

Quattro Panel

Client quotes Easy Fitting & Energy Savings as per Moray Council

“We saw some of this type of panel at the Scottish Energy & Environment Conference a few years ago and purchased a box from Energy Savers. We have put them out to some of our rural schools and have had very good reports on them. They are easy to fit (we get the janitors to fit them or to assist the pupils to fit them as part of energy projects) and they seem to be effective. Some teachers have actually commented on feeling the increase in heat levels as they walk past the radiators with the panels behind them compared to radiators without them. We are now working our way through our second box.”